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FiberFIX™ Interference Screw

FiberFIX™ Interference Screw is made from our patented bioresorbable polymer composite reinforced by HA nanofibers. FiberFIX™ Interference Screw is further designed with a symmetric thread profile to deliver more balanced pushout and pullout performance. The smooth-thread design also provides added protections to the graft during insertion and can tolerate high pullout strength. FiberFIX™ Interference screw with its enhanced material property and optimized design achieves high max torque during insertion and reduces the stripping during insertion, which delivers desirable performance to clinicians.

FiberFIX™ Driver

FiberFIX™ Driver’s star shaped tip interfaces with the entire length of a screw distributing the torque throughout the insertion process; its cannulated design allows for easy insertion over a guide wire; and the laser marking further ensures the screw being fully seated on the driver prior to insertion. One FiberFIX™ Driver matches all screw sizes.

FiberFIX™ Tap

Made with high quality stainless steel, FiberFIX™ tap creates a clear pathway for consistent, successful insertion. Taps are designed exclusively for use with FiberFIX™ Interference Screws.

Designed for Success

During the design phase, the Nanova team identified multiple crucial aspects for careful modification and fine-tuning.

Precision design makes FiberFIX™ Interference Screw easy and comfortable for clinicians to handle during procedures.

Optimized Max Torque Pull Out Push Out Performance

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