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FiberFIX™ Screw-In Anchor

FiberFIX™ Screw-in Anchor is preloaded with 2 #2 sutures for soft tissue repair. The screw is fully threaded to secure engagement throughout the bone, both cortical and cancellous. The combination of nanofiber reinforced composite and our unique design delivers optimal insertion with high max torque and pullout strength for repair success.

FiberFIX™ Push-In Anchor

FiberFix™ Push-In Anchor is designed to as a two-in-one device (patent pending): the knotless system with an asymmetric capturing tip, or the optional knot tying technique using a preloaded #1 (2.9mm) or #2 suture (3.5mm).

The capturing tip can hold 2 legs of a #2 suture(2.9mm) and 4 legs of a #2 suture(3.5mm).

FiberFIX™ Anchor Punch & Tap

The FiberFIX™ punch and tap provide smooth, easy insertion for screw-in FiberFIX™ Suture Anchors.

They are developed to optimize ease of insertion (prevent failure/stripping) while providing high pullout strength in all bone types. The reusable anchor tap and punch are made with stainless steel. Each tap and punch are laser marked for proper insertion depth during clinical repairs.

High Pullout Strength

Innovative Design

FiberFIX™ Anchors are carefully designed to offer the optimal mechanical performance and convenience for surgeons. 

Features such as one-way ridges and conical tip protect bone integrity while eyelet design offers easy suture loading for both knotted and knotless techniques. 

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